Apoapsis Records is an independent boutique record label based in London, UK focusing mainly on Electronic music in the genres of Orchestral, Classical, Ethnic, Ambient and Electronica. It was founded by the artists Vasilis Angelis and Apostolos Angelis in order to release their own material. The label “unchains” electronic orchestral music which is based in the freedom of expression and creativity.

Since Apoapsis Records is an artist-based label, our number of releases is limited. We don’t follow any rules, guidelines or deadlines; we work within absolute freedom of expression and creativity. We won’t release anything if we’re not totally satisfied by the quality of the overall result.
Apoapsis Records was one of the first labels worldwide that actively joined and supported the DR movement (Pleasurize Music non-profit Organization founded in 2009) for an end of the loudness war; the organization aims in improving the sound quality of music in its various recorded formats, increasing the value of sound within the creative production process for the entire music industry.

A few words about the name and logo of Apoapsis Records:
Apoapsis is an astronomical term, a Greek word: An apsis (Greek apsis) is the point of greatest or least distance of a body from one of the foci of its elliptical orbit. The point of farthest excursion is called the Apoapsis (Greek apó, “from”). It’s actually the point in an orbit farthest from the body being orbited.

“Sometimes it’s vital to zoom out and see things from a different perspective, the best perspective: the spherical view”.