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Please note that this sound recording is not mastered too loudly. This is in order to retain the dynamic range and subtlety of the music. The DR number shown represents the degree of dynamic range compression and indicates how well the dynamics of the original performance have been preserved. Dynamics are essential to musical expression and enjoyment. Larger numbers imply more dynamic range and less compression.

Apeiron (track 15) lyrics:

Time without end.
Limitlessness, unlimitedness.
Something which is growing without limits or bounds.
Unlimited capacity, energy, excellence, or knowledge: as, the infinity of God and his perfections.
Great multitude; as an infinity of beauties.
A number that is too large to be calculated.
The state of having no end or limit.
A quantity greater than any assignable quantity of the same kind.
Unlimited extent of time, space, immensity.
A number larger than any other.
A limitless quantity that is greater than every real number.
Endless or indefinite number.
A point far away that can never be reached.
Time Without beginning or end.
A large amount that is impossible to count.
Any number divided by zero.
Lasting forever, always existing.
A space or distance without limits.
A number greater than any assignable quantity or countable number.
An endless or seemingly endless period of time.
The unlimited, indeterminate and indefinite ground, origin, or primal principle of all matter.
Everlasting, foreverness, timelessness, eternity, perpetuity, boundlessness, interminableness, permanence, endlessness.
Alpha and Omega.


  1. 1Arche (4:03)
  2. 2Anabiosis (5:08)
  3. 3Energy (4:50)
  4. 4The Hot Way (2:06)
  5. 5Future Report (3:36)
  6. 6A Sad Moment (1:13)
  7. 7Allegory (4:49)
  8. 8Memories of a Bird (1:37)
  9. 9The Time Hoofers (5:20)
  10. 10The Face of Berenice (0:54)
  11. 11Satyriasis (2:58)
  12. 12Antidote (2:51)
  13. 13Uranian Saraband (2:38)
  14. 14Tomb of Pathos (4:52)
  15. 15Apeiron (8:25)

Total Length: 55:25

In his fourth full album “KINESIS”, Apostolos Angelis introduces an empyrean orchestral-electronic opus that blends contemporary synthesizer sounds with classical music composition techniques.
The artist fuses electronic instruments with strings, woodwinds, choirs, brasses, orchestral rhythms, theremin timbres and evocative percussion creating memorable melodic phrases and complex harmonies.


  • All Tracks Composed, Arranged, Orchestrated, Performed, Programmed and Produced by Apostolos Angelis.
  • Recorded and Mixed by Apostolos Angelis at Apoapsis Records studio, London, UK.
  • Additional Sound Engineering: Vasileios Angelis.
  • Mastered by Ray Staff at Air Studios in London.
  • Apostolos Angelis: Keyboards, Synthesizers, Samplers, Sounds, Drum Programming, Percussion.
  • Voice in Track 15 by Dorothy Ssentongo.
  • Artwork by Vasileios Angelis and Apostolos Angelis.​